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What do we offer?

​We offer encouragement, moral support and formal education for children barred from the public school system for lack of documents, lack of proper shoes and clothing, no money for tuition, behavioral problems and so forth. We attempt to address those needs and give these children a place in society: we put their documents in order and provide them with schooling, special workshops and a hot meal.


​We provide children aged 3-17 with teachers and a place to study with other kids their age and/or of their academic level. We prepare them to take the exams for the equivalency certificates they need to continue at mainstream schools later on.


​​​Good nutrition is important at all stages of life but never more so than when we’re very young. Many of our students are haphazardly fed so we start their day with a good breakfast. It not only improves their performance, it’s the right thing to do.

Personalized Attention

​​We are acquainted with the families of all our students and aware of their home situations. This allows us to provide the right kind of help at the right moment should the need arise.

High School

We take the children through grammar school and the corresponding equivalency certificates. With those in hand, they may continue with us our afternoon session, working at their own rate through the course work for secondary school... We provide the books and the guidance they

need to do that. Our hope is that every one of them goes on to the university and beyond.

Support for teachers

​Our teachers are the best; dedicated and unswervingly enthusiastic. We, in turn, are committed to getting them the financial support they need to stay on with us. They are the front line, out there every day giving the kids the love, attention and knowledge they need to build good, healthy lives.


Instilling the values of self-esteem and the concepts of "giving and sharing" is a priority at the school. We do this in a variety of ways, one of which is having the older kids work with the younger, sharing their knowledge. We guide them in discovering that sharing and caring feel good and are values worth having. We encourage the parents to participate, for the development of values begins and continues at home.

Special classes & workshops

​We believe in giving children a well-rounded education; toward that end, beyond formal classwork and with the help of collaborators, we create workshops on art, music, languages and other disciplines. We look to stimulate the children’s minds and imaginations. And we’re always open to volunteers with a good idea!

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