Over 350 children are out of school and roaming the streets of Bonfil, a low-income, rural

community 20 minutes from downtown Cancun. The kids are not enrolled in school for numerous reasons but mostly due to parental neglect and a lack of money and proper

documentation (birth certificates, parent IDs, vaccination cards etc.).


In 2005, Sonia Cejas Martinez, resident of Bonfil, opened her home to as many of these children as she could fit through the door. Today over 100 kids, ages 3-17 attend La Escuelita de Sonia. They receive a full breakfast, special workshops and the studies required to earn the equivalency certificates that’ll get them into mainstream schools when they’re ready. She also spends hours pulling together the personal documents each child needs to stand up and be counted in Mexican society. And she does it for free. S


Sonia’s efforts, supported and backed 100% by her family, haven’t gone unnoticed, but the school’s needs are immense. Join us. Donate. Participate. See what we see: every child’s right to a fair start. Stand up and be counted as someone who cares.

It is our mission to create opportunities of growth and development for the socially and economically marginalized children of the community of Bonfil; to provide them a safe haven, a warm meal and the formal education they deserve in order create for themselves and their families lives of fulfillment and opportunity.

Mission Statement

And Since you are here...

La Escuelita de Sonia began with a spontaneous act of generosity on the part of Sonia who opened her home to kids wandering the streets of her community. These children were already marginalized with few prospects for bettering their lives. She offered to teach them to read and the rest is history. Today, La Escuelita de Sonia is a respected member of the Bonfil community but it cannot exist on goodwill and personal commitment alone. It needs your support and there are plenty of ways for you to give that support. Join the project as teacher or benefactor. Donate food or materials. Contact us today and give more children the chance of a brighter future.

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Calle Ignacio Allende M6 #3, Alfredo V Bonfil,

Benito Juárez, Cancún, Quintana Roo, México

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